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I needed to pull my new team together quickly. With several new members and a major development project critical to our future revenues, I was looking for an approach I could count on to align my team. Joel’s step-by-step process, combined with his unique insights into individual, group, and organizational dynamics, delivered the needed impact. The team now has a shared vision, clear roles and accountabilities, and is working together as a cohesive unit.

Ron Morita, Vice President, Fortune 200 technology company

You know it when you’ve got it.

There is motivation and focus, hard work and high energy. People know their roles and equally watch out for each other. Conflicts are surfaced and addressed, not denied or danced around. And accountability runs high.

You’ve probably experienced this before, but as you know, very few leadership teams actually perform at this level.

Instead, they are bogged down by cumbersome decision making, operational conflicts, disagreements about strategy and goals,  or unclear roles and responsibilities.

How can you align your leadership team around your vision, and avoid petty power struggles and opposition?

How do you create a culture of accountability and excitement, instead of one of infighting and lack of engagement?

“He helped align
the company around
high level aspirations…”

“At GreenBiz, we had a fantastic experience working with Joel. He designed our offsite in less than two weeks so that we could get it done before year end. He helped align the company around high level aspirations and then worked with us to translate that into concrete objectives and goals. The entire company feels empowered and motivated to achieve our ambitious goals in a large part thanks to Joel’s guidance.”
Eric Faurot
CEO, Greenbiz

Our Top Team Alignment process will get your team moving powerfully in the same direction using the following four steps:

  1. Discovery: We meet with both top executives and individual team members in your organization to understand the key issues, stakeholders, desired results, and business implications.
  2. Design: We customize our approach to address your specific challenges and opportunities.
  3. Alignment: We work with you to develop a clear and compelling vision and facilitate a series of top team alignment sessions to achieve it.
  4. Follow Through: We help you incorporate mechanisms for ongoing review and reinforcement and to cascade ownership throughout the organization.

Joel has been an invaluable partner to our executive team over the past 18 months. He has a way of surfacing the most important, yet often “hidden” issues facing the organization. But most importantly, he helps distill the issues down to simple sets of challenges that feel far more manageable. We still refer to specific tools and frameworks Joel introduced over a year ago. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Mark Gainey, Co-founder and CEO, Strava

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