Executive Coaching

Joel has successfully guided me through one of the most turbulent and difficult periods of my career. He has helped me to accomplish my personal goals, grow my leadership capabilities, and ultimately enabled my entire organization to be more successful.

Zachery Anderson, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, NatWest Group

As a leader, is it possible to accelerate growth and reach new levels of achievement without making painful tradeoffs?

“I had reached a plateau
and felt dissatisfied
and unfulfilled…”

“Even though my business was thriving, as the founder and CEO, I continually felt as if I was running up against hidden barriers.  Joel’s coaching enabled me to quickly get at the root of the issues. We made a few focused changes to my mindsets and approaches.  As a result, I am re-energized, focused and enjoying my work – and my life – again. Business is growing and thriving.”
Chris Coomber
Founder, CEO, The Chestnut Company
Co-Founder, East Brother Beer Company

Running an organization is stressful and challenging. Many executives find they’ve hit an inner wall.

Given the difficulty and complexity of your current situation, the things that have worked for you in the past may not be working for you anymore.

It may be time to get some help.

Our Coaching Can Help You:

  • Align the leadership team around your vision, and avoid them moving in competing directions
  • Create a culture of accountability instead of a broken system of excuses or finger pointing
  • Turn difficult conversations into productive relationships
  • Execute an ambitious business strategy without the team reacting with resignation or disbelief
  • Build capacity for rapid learning to avoid making repetitive, draining mistakes

What Makes Our Coaching So Effective?

Our approach is based on accelerating your development as a leader.  With executive coaching, you will:

  • Drive your own learning and growth by focusing on results you genuinely care about.
  • Improve your ability to influence others by learning how to see and understand other perspectives.
  • Increase your leadership presence and ability to respond more effectively in real time by mastering the territory between thought and action.
  • Make immediate progress on your current challenges and opportunities by applying emerging skills and capabilities.

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Joel has the rare ability to take what appears to be a forbiddingly complex or tangled situation and transform it into something simple and straightforward to tackle. He helped me through situations where I was potentially headed for trouble and somehow made the clouds part in such a way that my next steps became crystal clear and surprisingly obvious.

Tamara Pulsts, Former President, EcoReserve

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