Change Management

Joel guided our organization through significant change over several years, including integrating the largest acquisition in our company history and implementing a complete change in our organization structure. His approach enabled us to rapidly launch the new organization, which went on to win top awards from our largest global customer in its first year of operation.

Todd Slingsby, Former vice president, global consumer products company

If you are leading a dynamic organization, you know executing significant change is a huge challenge.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed as you navigate resistance from your team or lack of response from your organization.

Researchers continually report that over 70% of change management efforts fail, indicating that traditional tools and approaches are simply not up to the challenge.

When the stakes are high, executives turn to us because our approach works. It starts with correctly identifying the root causes of change failure so that we know what we’re up against.

Then we use the correct change management tools for the job, harnessing your teams’ innate desire to learn and grow. Our innovative approach can provide lift and acceleration to the pace of change in your organization.

“I’ve always hungered for this type of support and mentorship.  I’ve become a better leader through our work together.”

Bob Lenz, CEO, PBLWorks

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