Breakthrough Performance

We have made huge progress. If you would have told me a month ago that we would have made this much progress in such a short period of time, I would have never believed it. I am less stressed and sleep better. I have gone from misery to happiness in four weeks.

Vice President, Software Engineering, Fortune 200 Company

Are you struggling to get sufficient traction on important projects and strategies?

Your organization is capable of breakthrough results. . . Yet too often it falls short of achieving its potential.

How does this happen?

Contributors include unclear goals, lack of engagement, poor collaboration across departments, dysfunctional teams and an inability to resolve tough high-stakes issues.

Through addressing the underlying causes that may be plaguing your results, our Breakthrough Performance approach produces tangible outcomes within 90-180 days.

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I call Joel whenever the stakes are high, the issues are challenging or complex, and a high level of commitment and engagement are required.

Mike Stacy, CEO, ID90 Travel
Former Senior Vice President, Travelocity

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